Inspired in part by the work of Swiss-German painter Paul Klee (1879-1940), the trio puts forward a music of high abstraction, with suggestive hints of tonality and tempo and an emphasis on contrasting timbres. From the radio static of “Destruction of Hope” to the banjolike effects of “Red Balloon” and the stark single-line interplay of “Chorale and Landscape,” we hear a perspicuous melding of electric and acoustic, crowded and sparse, sonically harsh and disarmingly melodic.
—David Adler, JazzTimes

This is an impressive record...the music within conveys a radiant emotionality.
—Karla Cornejo, AllAboutJazz-New York

David Tronzo is more than a master of jazz slide guitar and world rhythms, panethnic to microethnic. He's a magician that can conjure music from thin air, literally improvising between the notes...which results in a range of possibilities, quantifiable only by him. One could therefore posit it's mathematically impossible for Tronzo to not make a cutting edge record with anyone, least of all two young musicians with improvisational credentials and fire in their bellies like bassist Giacomo Merega, who put this project together, and saxophonist Noah Kaplan. Their search is his gain, as they push him to new heights by presenting him with a new environment in which to thrive.
—Phil DiPietro,

Consistently fascinating and occasionally edge-of-your-seat type of excitement.
—Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery