Publisher's Pick
Michael Ricci,

...People I Like is serious fun...Bennink’s approval is audible in his exuberant playing. He’s in buoyant form throughout, in his element with a group who are accomplished, imaginative and comitted to enjoyment. Recommended without reservation as an antidote to grey and rainy days.
Julian Cowley, The Wire

Han Bennink turns in some of his more appealing performances in years on People I Like, which speaks well of the idiosyncratically configured Blueprint Project’s often effusive and allusive music. Bennink’s dada-informed subversions scuff the pungent, well-versed compositions of guitarist Eric Hofbauer, pianist Tyson Rogers and saxophonist/clarinetist Jared Sims in appealing ways. As soloists, the trio is even more compatible with Bennink, as salty as they are smart.
Bill Shoemaker, DownBeat

The music they make together is nothing short of glorious. The program of group originals is understandably well tailored to the trio's distinctive group conception, something they’ve had the chance to hone over a period of time, and Bennink brings his characteristic work to bear in a way that’s nothing short of a celebration of that is a working definition of just how uplifting human creativity can be. It’s what those end-of-year polls were invented for.
Nic Jones, accomplished set from an ensemble of four individuals who’ve mastered the art of simultaneously playing both against and with one another.
Robert Shore, Jazzwise

Bennink has a signature style that is very unsubtle yet delicate. With all of the drummer’s theatrics, it is easy to miss the outstanding musicianship of the trio. Besides the original music provided, the very quick-wit response they have to the forcefulness of Bennink is impressive. By the time they settle into "Nu Noon At Yoshi's," the ending piece here, they have exhausted all possibilities.
Mark Corroto,

It isn’t everyday, and certainly is unexpected, when a trio of young, up-and-coming musicians still experimenting and searching for a defined sound collaborate with one of the most proven, established masters of his instrument; but People I Like is exactly that, combining the forces of a fresh sax/guitar/piano trio from New England with Dutch drummer Han Bennink, one of the vanguard figures in the birth of free jazz in Europe. The music presented on People I Like is profound because it takes an "out" approach to an earlier style of jazz, as opposed to pushing modern creative music further and further in the same direction.
Mike Szajewski, WNUR-FM (Evanston, IL)

As you might expect, hyperkinetic drummer Bennink gives the music a great drive and unpredictable rhythmic twists. Jared Sims percolates merrily on saxes & clarinet, Eric Hofbauer plucks and punches on guitar and Tyson Roberts gently warps the view through his piano. Great fun!
Forrest Dylan Bryant, KZSU-FM (Stanford, CA)

With this new release, they take a giant step forward by linking up with the anarchic, at times over powering but very swinging, Mr. Bennink...this group’s conception has become so finely tuned that they can easily accommodate a player as strong as Bennink. And these pieces are open enough to give Bennink free reign to be’s become one of my favorite releases of the year.
Robert Iannapollo, Cadence

Perpetually in motion with ruffs, taps, flams, paradiddles or bounces, the veteran drummer’s precise and swinging pulse enlivens the nine band member-penned originals. Not adverse to good-timey melodies, driven by Bennink’s sand dancer-like brush strokes and unison guitar-saxophone licks, the band is made up of jazzmen as knowledgeable as Bennink.
Ken Waxman, Whole Note

Boston's oddball reeds/guitar/piano trio Blueprint Project write pieces with clear, well-defined rhythmic contours, albeit knotty ones. They also have a distinctive way of weaving around each other, avoiding duplication of parts, making the most of skeletal instrumentation. Han thrives in such rhythmically-charged environments, apt to reinforce a groove (the samba-lypso "Captain Salvy Sets Sail"), come up with a new one (hear the polyrhythmic churn midway through "The Holly Stomp"), or energize more open material, like "Nu Moon at Yoshi's."
—Kevin Whitehead,

The fourth release from The Blueprint Project proves that free jazz is anything but formless. Modern to the core, this quartet plays consistently friendly melodies propelled by the unmistakable kinetic thrash of master Danish drummer Han Bennink...Bennink plays with such mastery of jazz pulse that whether soloing or playing time, it all becomes one.
—Ken Micallef, Modern Drummer

People I Like is well-composed, well-performed, well-packaged—it is an all-around impeccable jazz record. Tunes like "Herbie Nichols" and "Jac-Mac Talkin'" seem to be written specifically for Bennink. From the playful joie de vivre of "The Holly Stomp" to the eerie meditation of "Chillfreetmeistrodemus", it is clear that the trio was truly inspired by its guest drummer.
—Ivana Ng, AllAboutJazz-New York

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