Ayn Inserto's second recording with her jazz orchestra is grand and sophisticated to a degree as to immediately elevate her status alongside acknowledged influences, and well known, experienced chart makers like Maria Schneider, Bob Belden, and Mark Masters. Especially if you are not familiar with her name and sound, keep Ayn Inserto's Muse in serious consideration for a distinguished place in your collection. It is an excellent representation of what's happening in her virile, imaginative mind, and comes highly recommended.
Michael G. Nastos, All Music Guide

...her compositional approach breathes new life into the idiom. She claims Maria Schneider and Bob Brookmeyer as muses but, to my ear, she has already equaled and perhaps surpassed these august icons in sheer musical sophistication. It’s quite clear on the evidence of this recording that Ayn Inserto has a bright future ahead of her...I unhestiatingly give Muse my highest recommendation.
—David Kane, Cadence

She really is an amazingly gifted composer/arranger. I hope she gets some serious recognition in years to come.
Lucas Gillian, AccuJazz.com

...the sublime second CD by the Ayn Inserto Jazz Orchestra with special guest saxophonist George Garzone.
Kevin Lowenthal, Boston Globe

...the spectacular Ayn Inserto Jazz Orchestra...
Jon Garelick, Boston Phoenix

Recommeded New Release (April 2009)
—David R. Adler, AllAboutJazz-New York