Quartet of Happiness combines comedy and jazz improvisation to uniquely hilarious and satisfying effect.
Kevin Lowenthal, Boston Globe

Quartet of Happiness is a strange jazz quartet working on the edge of comedy and education: it’s half a comedy jazz group, half an educational project for students. But their approach is original, their music creative, and their project lined with the best intentions, so I understand why avant-jazz guitarist Eric Hofbauer signed them to his label...some of the comedy numbers have a very enjoyable Frank Zappa flavor (the rhythm contest in “Who’s Got Rhythm?”, the reality show parody “So You Think You Can Jazz?”, the nine-minute “Music History” lesson).
François Couture, Monsier Délire

They all have flawless chops, and they play beautifully. Even their compositions, during the more serious stretches of music, can be oddly soothing. In spite of all this they have chosen to be the PDQ Bachs of jazz, lampooning their own vocation and getting downright silly.
John Garratt, PopMatters.com

I found the “So You Think You Can Jazz” section quite humorous with its “contestants” matching up in ballads, Bebop, Jazz waltz, etc. Same with “Music History” which takes music from Gregorian chant to avant-garde and minimalism in five minutes. It’s all very clever and very well done. And it’s probably a great way to impart conceptual ideas while still holding a youngster’s attention.
Robert Iannapollo, Cadence