Creative Nation Music officially welcomes Quartet of Happiness to its roster with the May 15th release of the band's second recording, The Monster Returns (CNM 017).

Founded in 2003, Quartet of Happiness has toured around Boston and beyond with its current lineup of Rick Stone (alto saxophone), Kelly Roberge (tenor saxophone), Kendall Eddy (bass) and Austin McMahon (drums) since late 2005.

United by a common goal of taking jazz down from the ivory tower and returning it to the people, this dynamic theatrical jazz group performs an eclectic range of original music in venues ranging from elementary schools to jazz clubs.

“Combining off-kilter jazz improvisation with comedic performance art,” wrote JazzTimes’ Forrest Dylan Bryant in his review of the group’s self-titled 2007 debut, “this Boston-based ensemble offers up a rollicking pastiche of musical skits and game-like exercises...the instrumental tracks have a delightfully skewed aesthetic, and the Quartet’s impression of a radio tuning in stations at random is just plain funny.”

The Boston Phoenix’s Jon Garelick adds, “The music is a technically daunting blend of spot-on bebop, rock and funk rhythms, and fiendish avant-skronk arrangements that require airtight precision. If these guys just talked to talk, it wouldn’t matter—but they execute!”