Industrious Noise is a Boston-based creative music ensemble featuring saxophonist Chris Veilleux, guitarist Phil Sargent and drummer Mike Connors. Together they creatively blur the lines between composition and free improvisation with original compositions that draw from a variety of influences, most prominently the odd meters and Eastern tonalities of ethnic Balkan music, modern jazz and rock.

The group, whose members also collaborate in ensembles such as trumpeter Jerry Sabatini's Sonic Explorers, performs regularly in the Boston area, and released its debut CD, Trio (Creative Nation Music) in 2005, inspiring critics to write, "The small band generates an impressive cinematic sweep with its music" (Scott McLennan, Worcester Telegram and Gazette) and "Trio provides plenty of new material that stretches the boundaries of the jazz genre" (Edward Blanco,

Cadence reviewer David Kane added, "[Sargent's] compositional originality is matched by his incisive playing, which ranges from 'inside' lyricism to hard-edged, riff-based screaming rock and satisfying surreal textures aided by his intelligent use of electronics. Veilleux, too, displays an impressive range of approaches in his sax playing, mirroring Sargent's improvisational inventiveness and contributing a nice tune with 'Ditty for Dorsey.' Connors' deft playing calls upon multiple influences from straight ahead to Free Jazz all the way through to rock-funk, all delivered quite effectively with an alert awareness of the ensemble's needs at all times."